Medite COT 20 kleurmachine

Kleurmachine waarbij rekjes continue geladen kunnen worden; ideaal voor standaard kleuringen zoals HE en PAP

Omschrijving Medite COT 20 kleurmachine

The COT 20 linear slide stainer is designed to meet the ambitious requirements of today’s high throughput staining histology and cytology laboratories. The most versatile and high performance system in its market segment offers every staining capability you need.
Up to 27 staining stations and capacious staining troughs of 250 ml volume each, enable a high durability of the solutions and an optimum arrangement of programmes.
The automatic drain cycle, adjustable between 1 and 30 seconds, reduces the carry-over of the solvents. Agitation provides a better distribution of the solvents on the slides. However, it can be switched off to prevent sections of sensitive specimens detach from the slides.
The COT 20 linear stainer is compatible to all common staining baskets in the market and therefore easy to integrate into existing lab environments.
The staining time is adjustable from 20 seconds to 12 minutes and is the same for every bath.
The flexibility of the tissue stainer COT 20 grants a large number of variations, the use of all common staining solutions and intermedia, and the application of all staining procedures used in histology and cytology routine.
To protect user and environment, the stainer is equipped with a fume extraction system with two ventilators. For laboratories, where it is not possible to connect the stainer to a central exhaust facility, a charcoal filter unit can be installed to clean the fumes.

Specificaties Medite COT 20

Start position: Store for up to 4 slide baskets
Number of stations: 23 in the instrument, 4 in the store
Free choice of water station position, water flow adjustable
Staining capacity interval of 1 min.: about 1.000 slides per hour
Automatic drain cycle/time: on – off variable
Agitation: on – off
Basket capacity: 20 slides, directly applicable with coverslipping machines Medite® RCM 60/90/2000/7000
Adapters for all coverslipping machines from Leica, Sakura and Thermo available

Time adjustment:

– staining time: 20 sec. to 12 min.
– drain time: 1 to 30 sec.

2 storage containers for 10 baskets each integrated in the working plate.

Central water connection:
 left and right
water inlet 1/2″
water outlet 3/4″

  • Optical and acoustical alarm indicating that a slide basket is ready.
  • Lids for staining troughs.
  • Fume extraction device for connection to an external exhaust facility.